We believe in One God, the True God, I Am That I Am God

The creator of all mankind, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, giver and sustainer of life, God of the Universe

In “I Am” there is no end.

Be Closer to I Am That I Am

Coptic Nation Temple is a Black Coptic congregation in Chicago, IL. For nearly 20 years, we have strived to place I Am That I Am first in every area of our lives. Come by sometime to receive blessings and a good word that will edify your soul.


All Coptic Nation Temple sermons are posted to our YouTube channel and website weekly. We also invite you to listen to our Facebook Live feed on Fridays at 7:30pm.

Financial Freedom

Money Kingdom Financial Perspective provides advice on attaining financial freedom and prosperity and challenges you to think and do activities that demonstrate that freedom.


Give your time, talent and treasure to one of the many causes Coptic Nation Temple supports.

Affirmations of the Black Man

For there is a scarce of a nation upon this earth that has higher opinion of themselves and think as much of themselves and their country as the Black Congolians.

  • They are Black.

    5 Jeremiah 14:2
  • For I am like a bottle of smoke.  

    6 Psalms 119:83
  • My skin is Black.  

    4 Job 30:30
  • His hair is like wool.  

    7 Revelation 1:14
  • The faces of all gather Blackness.

    9 Nahum 2:10
  • Look not upon me because I am Black.

    10 Solomon 1:6
  • Their faces are Blacker than coal.  

    8 Lamentations 4:8
  • I am Black and beautiful  

    2 Solomon 1:5
  • Out of Egypt and Ethiopia have I called my Son.

    1 Matthew 2:15
  • Our skins were Black.  

    3 Lamentations 5:10
  • All faces shall gather blackness.  

    11 Joel 2:6

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Matthew 6:11

All things work out in ….I AM time. Give us this day


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