Financial Irresponsibility

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There is an integrity and character demonstrated in how you deal with your debts. Some people freely incur debts with no thought on how they’ll be paid. Your money habits (aka credit worthiness) are an indicator of how you deal with debt. Strive to do what’s right in everything you do particularly concerning your finances.

First, change your money habits, thoughts and actions. To overcome financial irresponsibility, you need to make a fresh start and commit to not taking on any new debt today and pay the debt you create. I repeat, pay the debt you create.

Once you take responsibility for your role in the ways your money is managed, you’re empowered and can create change. If you’re always blaming something or someone else for the state of your finances or your inability to pay debts, then you’ll always be a victim. You’ll be unable to create the level of financial integrity and abundance you desire unless you accept responsibility.

If I didn’t change the way I approached money, educated and empowered myself to make smarter money choices, I was destined to repeat the same patterns again and again and again…

Let your word be your bond and polish up your financial character for debts both public and private.

This has been our money kingdom financial perspective.

May I AM THAT I AM GOD prosper you.


Financial Irresponsibility