Financial Portfolios

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What is a financial portfolio? In simple terms, the word portfolio is used to describe a collection of things. It can be art, stocks, bonds, real estate properties, or precious metals. Our job is to build an investment portfolio that meets our needs, fits our situations and consists of assets we understand. Typically, you can begin a portfolio the moment you are hired at your first real job. Some people begin by opening an account with a mutual fund company, such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab or Fidelity. The single most important part of your financial life is knowing what you have and where it is. Sit down, take out a pen, and make a list of everything you own (e.g., assets such as cars, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, bank accounts) and everything you owe (e.g., liabilities such as student loans, credit card balances.) Be brutally honest (makes no sense to lie to yourself) – don’t keep anything off the list.

The key to changing your financial life is to determine exactly where you stand now, in this moment in time.

This has been our money kingdom financial perspective.

May I AM THAT I AM GOD prosper you.

Financial Portfolios