Fixing your relationship with money

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Sometimes families or marriages need and seek counseling. Have you considered that you might need FINANCIAL counseling?  Do you need to fix your relationship with money? Your financial relationship is so hard-wired that, whether you experience a major setback or a huge windfall, ultimately you will find yourself back where you started. That’s why lottery winners are so often broke again in a few years. If your financial relationship is set for “Poverty,” any wealth that comes to you will be a memory before you know it. On the other hand, if your financial relationship is set for “Wealth” you will move through any financial reversals and regain (or exceed) your high level of prosperity.

Although your financial relationship was set in childhood, the good news is that it’s YOUR relationship now and you can adjust it for any level of prosperity you desire.

Ask yourself these questions:

•       Do I experience more scarcity and lack or wealth and abundance?
•       Am I a good money manager or does money “slip through my fingers?”
•       Do I work hard for my money or do I let my money work hard for me?
•       Does it seem that, no matter how much money comes in, I never enough?

A step towards fixing your financial relationship is to associate with positive, successful people. Birds of a feather flock together, right? So, spending time with like-minded people who encourage you to believe in your success and teach you how to think like a rich person are great ways to cultivate your financial relationship.

Are you ready to release any poverty consciousness you picked up along the way? Are you willing to consciously choose thoughts and actions that contribute to abundance and success? As you cultivate your financial relationship to allow in more money, you are at the same time raising your overall vibration to allow in more love, more joy, more health, more confidence, and more peace of mind.

Think and do activities that demonstrate your freedom.

In Black Jesus’ Name and for His Fame, May I AM THAT I AM GOD prosper you.


Fixing your relationship with money