Living Wills and Advanced Directives

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Continuing the theme of getting your house in order by focusing on one task at a time, your family’s financial planning and overall planning can be established by February. Last week we highlighted trusts and wills. This week let’s consider living wills or advanced directives.

A living will is a directive to physicians that lets people state their wishes for end-of-life medical care, in case they become unable to communicate their decisions. It has no power after death.

As much as we plan our living, we should be just as prepared in planning our end. Verbally stating your wishes is not enough. How many times have relatives fell out at the hospital and argued about an unconscious loved ones’ wishes? There’s a simple document you can sign that takes you through various questions that will ease the decision making of your family and allow your wishes to be carried out providing legal instructions of your preferences for medical care if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Advance directives provide choices for doctors and caregivers if you’re terminally ill, seriously injured, in a coma, in the late stages of dementia or near the end of life. By planning ahead, you can get the medical care you want, avoid unnecessary suffering and relieve caregivers of decision-making burdens during moments of crisis or grief. You also help reduce confusion or disagreement about the choices you would want people to make on your behalf.

Living wills aren’t just for older adults. Unexpected end-of-life situations can happen at any age, so it’s important for all adults to prepare these documents.

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Living Wills and Advanced Directives