The Coptic Diet

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What is the Coptic diet? Do you know? As we elevate spiritually certain things, activities, tastes and cravings do fall away. However, in all things we say, moderation. As Copts we know that all sickness is not unto death however, many of us are an illness away from financial death or ruin. Illness costs money, time, energy, missed opportunities, and result in high medical bills. We can avoid many illnesses by respecting our bodies, using common sense and the tools introduced to us in the School of Wisdom.

Don’t let the one time you have coconut water be when the Priest is blessing them on a Friday night. Incorporate them into your diet. Our founder Cicero Patterson and Mother Rebekah healed numerous from disease and sickness administering coconut water and they are available at the grocery store.

Take your daily ounce of sweet oil to help your skin, internal organs and digestion. Sweet oil also keeps away arthritis. Nibble on fresh ginger to help your memory. Consume a glass of water first thing every morning. Exercise (walk, dance) 3-5 times a week. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, daily. Always choose fresh or frozen and avoid canned. Get plenty of rest, and do not use harmful substances.

Remember, YOU are your most important resource and a long debilitating illness can devastate you financially. So stay healthy.

This has been our money kingdom financial perspective.

May I AM THAT I AM GOD prosper you.

The Coptic Diet